Road Maintenance

Road Maintenance

C & H Pumping provides various types of manpower and services throughout its service area through contract and MTO service agreements. We take pride in providing these essential services to keep our highways and construction workers safe in daily activities, and following strict regulated requirements to ensure this occurs. Safety is a key factor in our work, and we have a great relationship with many contractors utilizing our services.

A list of the various services that are provided are as follows. Flag personnel, road barrier materials and setup, guard rail maintenance crews, pothole repair including equipment, signage installation and repair, wash out repairs, highway vegetation management, culvert thawing, nuisance rodent dam management.

Snow Plow/Grading

C & H provides snow removal services through contracts, MTO service agreements, cottage association agreements, and call in basis by various customers. Our fleet consists of multiple snow plows and graders, which allows us to provide snow removal of highways and side roads efficiently. Grading services are available in all seasons for road rehabilitation.

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